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Fuji Semiconductor
Power Devices (IGBT)
Power Supply Control IC
Power Rectifier Diodes
Automotive Application
Provides standard & custom designed power supplies. Redundant Power Systems, Front-End Power, Medical, PCI, Solar Inverters, Rack System, Traffic Control, Wall Mount, and Desktops
Longwell is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic components and cable products. Power Cords, Wire & Cable, Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Power Adapters
Heat Sink Compounds (Non-Silicone)
Micro-Faze (Thermal Grease Pads)
Sure-Foam (Gap Filler Material)
Manufacturer of transformers, inductors, filters and related assemblies Focuses on high frequency devices, within the range of 20KHz to 1GHz Offers comprehensive engineering design support Certified to ISO 9001:2008
Nameplates, Overlays, Decals
Membrane Switches
Insulators, Gaskets,
Screen Printing
Digital Printing
Flexographic Printing
In-Mold Decorating
Powertip Technology Corporation, established in 1991, began operation by instituting time-honored ideals that still largely guide this company today. Powertip continues to reinforce the principles of being a leading display manufacturer to industry. Powertip consistently strives to uphold exceptionally high standards concerning technology and product development while remaining deeply attentive to quality, on-time delivery and remaining highly price competitive.
Specializing in power conversion systems and thermal management of high power semiconductors.
World’s leading manufacturer of thin metal parts utilizing precision photo chemical etching and photo electroforming. Instead of stamping or laser cutting photo etching produces accurate and identical thin metal components for small & large batches.


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